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How to create unique content?

Marieke van de Rakt


ChatGPT can create a brand-new article within seconds. It is not plagiarism or duplicate content because it is designed specifically for you. However, it is not unique content either. ChatGPT relies on the input of other articles and does not create a unique, personal perspective. If you want to share articles, blog posts, or content on your website, you should ensure your content is unique. That doesn’t mean that you can’t use ChatGPT at all. It does mean that you should rely on your own brain to develop a good narrative and make sure that you create something that adds to everything that’s already out there on the web. In this post, I’ll explain what unique content is, why it is essential for the success of your site, and how to create unique content.

What is unique content?

Unique content means that your content is genuinely different from other information on the web. It doesn’t necessarily need to be new, but it should have a unique approach, a specific style, or a different way of explaining. Unique content is content that people will want to read.

Duplicate content or plagiarism is very clearly not unique. But articles that spin the same ‘5 ways to lose weight’ as exist in many other blog posts are not unique. Even if you present the reasons in a different order and use slightly different words. A unique article should present something above and beyond those 5 reasons. For instance, Adding your examples or (professional) opinion could result in a unique article.

Why is unique content important?

If you’re writing content (or creating new video material), you should do that because your audience can benefit from that content. You should always write with your audience in mind. I am aware that content is often written because it increases the chances of being in search engines as well. But Google, too, likes unique content.

Unique content will also allow you to really show your expertise about a subject. It is not generic, it’ll be special. This means that it will inevitably help with your conversion and sales and be a great marketing tool. People will be much more likely to like and share a unique piece of content on their socials than something generic and common.

Tips on how to create unique content

Writing unique content is slightly harder than letting chatGPT create your blog posts. That being said, creating unique content is much more fun and will greatly impact your audience. Let’s look at some tips on how to get started with unique, high-quality content.

1. Write about what you know

The author of the content should be an expert on the topic. Make sure to write about what you know. And you’re probably an expert at what you do. Nobody knows more about your company or your product than you do. Google is very keen on having an author with authority and subject matter experience.

2. Do your research

A great way to craft truly unique content is to do your own research. You can talk an interview people, you can collect data online, you can do literature research. it doesn’t need to be scientific at all, but if you execute your own research, you will create something new. And that could very well be the starting point of your blog post or video.

3. Use your examples

In your business or in your career you’ll probably run into cases and stories that could make for great examples in your content. If you use real-life examples, you’ll always be producing unique content, because these examples will be unique experiences.

4. Write about (your own) opinions

Don’t be afraid to express your opinion in your content. Most blogs are not suitable for political views and opinions about current events, but based on your experiences, you can probably advise people on how to solve a problem or use certain products. Your professional opinion will set you apart from others writing about similar topics.

If you do not feel comfortable enough to share your own opinion. Interviewing someone else -an expert- in a certain matter could also be a great way to craft unique content. Interviewing someone is also a great idea if you write something that’s a little out of your expertise.

5. The structure of your text is important

Most articles online are not well structured, which makes them hard to read. Make sure your content is well-structured and logically ordered. It’ll make your articles that much easier to read. Above that, it’ll set your content apart from much of the other articles out there. Think about the order in which you want to present topics in your content. Write clear, short paragraphs and use subheadings to enable readers to scan through your text quickly.

Conclusion on how to create unique content

If you consider a blog strategy, unique content should be a priority. Create something useful and informative for your audience. Never write solely for Google. Write with an audience in mind. ChatGPT could help you draft an outline or generate ideas. I often use ChatGPT as a brainstorming tool. Use your brain, knowledge, opinions, and experiences to make the content as unique and engaging as possible. Good luck!

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