Powering your website’s progress

A successful website needs work. A lot of work! Progress Planner will help you to get that work done. It provides the tools and motivation you need to keep your site in top shape!

make real progress

overcome procrastination

gain insight

earn badges

Weekly ‘wake up’ calls

Every week, you’ll receive a Progress Report email reminding you to keep working on your website. You’ll find your website activity scores and tips on what tasks to tackle next.

You know you should put more work and effort into your site, but you keep putting off that work. However, for a site to rank or convert well, pages must be created, plugins updated, and stale content refreshed. Overwhelming? No worries! We’ll remind you of everything you should be doing!

Website activity score

You can find your weekly website activity score in your WordPress backend. That score -between 0 and 100- will reflect how active you have been in the past weeks. If the score is low, that’ll be your cue to get started again.

Become a Progress Planner professional

Stay motivated to work on your website and earn badges! You’ll earn these wonderful rewards by keeping your streak or by adding and updating your content. Share them with your friends and colleagues! Who’ll win those first badges?!

Everything in one clear dashboard

Progress Planner helps you get started with your website work and will keep you on track!

Next to your website activity score, you’ll see stats and numbers on what you’ve been doing and how well you’ve been doing that! Everything is in one clear dashboard.

How many pages have you written? How many posts have been updated? And are you using the latest version of all of your plugins?

Install Progress Planner

Progress Planner Pro

The free version of Progress Planner allows you to keep track of your website progress. We’re currently creating a Pro version that’ll help you set goals and complete them. In the pro version, we’ll also help you complete your tasks with tips and training and by breaking big tasks into smaller ones. Stay tuned for the launch of the pro version in Q4 of 2024!

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