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How to overcome procrastination and get your website maintenance done

Marieke van de Rakt


Maintaining your website is probably not the most important thing on your to-do list. We get that; it’s different from your core business. Your customers won’t suddenly stop buying your products if your About page isn’t up-to-date, and clients won’t disappear if your blog posts are delayed.

However, the importance of website maintenance can’t be overlooked. It plays a crucial role in your online presence, affecting your chances of ranking in search engines and influencing potential customers’ decisions. You probably know this deep down, yet you find yourself putting it off—maybe because other tasks seem more pressing or it’s just not as exciting. Still, ignoring it for too long could mean missed opportunities to outshine competitors and connect more effectively with your audience.

So, in this post, I’ll walk you through 5 steps to overcome procrastination and finally get your website maintenance done!

Overall: Be kind to yourself

Procrastination or delaying tasks is something we all do to some extent. So, cut yourself some slack. If your to-do list is overflowing with a million things, it’s no wonder that updating your website gets pushed to the back burner.

But here you are, reading this blog post—acknowledging the need to start is a great first step. As you dive into website maintenance, you might find yourself procrastinating again or feeling disappointed with your progress. That’s okay. Instead of being hard on yourself, celebrate each step forward and the progress you’ve made. Every effort counts! Being too hard on yourself only adds unnecessary stress and can make it even tougher to stay motivated in the long run.

Now, let’s break down how to tackle website maintenance with clarity and purpose. These steps will help you overcome procrastination and turn your intentions into action. Here’s how:

1. Set realistic goals

The first step to getting your website maintenance done is by setting realistic goals. Start by asking yourself: What do I want to achieve through my website? Do I want to increase traffic, boost sales, gain more newsletter signups, enhance user engagement, or improve SEO rankings, for example? Include practical goals too, such as updating outdated information, enhancing navigation, or integrating new features that enhance user experience.

Next, break down these overarching goals into really practical, actionable tasks. For instance, if you want to attract more visitors, consider actions like writing more blog posts, optimizing landing pages, implementing SEO best practices, or launching a content marketing campaign. You may also need to improve some specific pages: the About page or a page with reviews could be important to get people more interested in your product or company.

Once you’ve listed your goals and associated tasks, ask yourself whether your goals and the things you are going to do to achieve your goals are realistic. Will you be able to write 80 blog posts in the upcoming year? Adapt your goals accordingly.

2. Get excited about your goals!

Congratulations on setting your goals! Now, envision the impact achieving them will have on your website. Picture those fresh pages and imagine the buzz from sharing new blog posts on social media. Visualize the satisfaction of climbing search engine rankings and attracting organic traffic!

Stay enthusiastic about your goals and their outcomes. Keep them visible near your workspace to avoid the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ pitfall.

3. Make a plan

You’ve brainstormed what needs to be done: the pages to update, the blog posts to write. But that to-do list is not yet a plan. Grab your calendar and carve out dedicated time for each task. For example, schedule a monthly blog post writing session every Monday morning when your schedule is typically clear.

Figure out how long each task will take and schedule it in your calendar. This way, you’ll have dedicated time to focus on your website maintenance without any distractions.

4. Set reminders

Everyone has their own way of managing tasks: some stick to their plans like glue, while others need a little reminding. If you’re the type who occasionally forgets their plans, it’s wise to set reminders. You could schedule a message in Slack or have your calendar send out a reminder.

Ultimately, the best way to beat procrastination is by establishing a routine. Imagine if every Monday afternoon was your designated website maintenance time—it’d soon become second nature, and you’d be less likely to let it slip your mind.

Until then, a simple reminder will keep you on track!

Step 5: Adapt your goals and your plan

No matter how well you think everything through, things never go exactly according to plan — and that’s perfectly normal. It doesn’t mean your plan was flawed; it means you’re learning and improving.

To successfully overcome procrastination, make sure to adapt your goals and your plan regularly. You could review them weekly or monthly to make sure you stay on track. By consistently evaluating and tweaking your plan as needed, you’ll find it easier to manage your website maintenance tasks. This proactive approach helps minimize frustration and increases your chances of success in the long run!

Finally: Celebrate your progress!

Overcoming procrastination is challenging, especially when it comes to website maintenance. Take pride in your efforts to update and enhance your website. And, if you’re making progress, celebrate that progress!

Check off your to-do lists, share your latest blog posts on social media, or treat yourself to a refreshing walk after completing that long blog post.

Celebrating your progress will make you more likely to keep up the good work. Stay positive and enthusiastic about your work — it’s the key to staying confident and inspired throughout your journey.

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