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What does Progress Planner do?

Marieke van de Rakt

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Feeling overwhelmed by the endless tasks of website maintenance? Take a deep breath – Progress Planner is here to make your life easier! Designed with you in mind, Progress Planner streamlines website management, helping you stay organized, focused, and on top of your website tasks. Let’s dive into what Progress Planner can do for you.

What is Progress Planner?

Progress Planner is a plugin that simplifies and organizes your website tasks, making them more manageable. It’s your motivator to help you keep doing the work for your site to become (or remain!) successful. It offers an engaging, gamified experience where you can earn badges and achievements for completing essential tasks. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced website owner, Progress Planner provides the tools and motivation you need to keep your site in top shape.

What does Progress Planner do?

Progress Planner tackles the problem of procrastination in website maintenance head-on. We understand that website management can be daunting, with tasks like updating plugins, resolving errors, and creating content often getting pushed to the back burner. Progress Planner ensures you stay on track by helping you:

Track your progress

Progress Planner keeps tabs on all your website’s activities, providing valuable insights into your site’s health. From the number of posts and pages you’ve published and updated, the number of words you’ve added to your site to monitoring plugin updates, our dashboard offers a comprehensive overview of your website’s activity. With an activity score ranging from 0 to 100, you’ll instantly know how active you’ve been and where you can improve.

Set achievable goals

With Progress Planner, setting goals for your website has never been easier. Define clear and actionable objectives that align with your vision for success. Use the intuitive to-do list widget to plan your progress effectively. Need some inspiration? We’ve got you covered with helpful suggestions tailored to your goals. And don’t fret about forgetting tasks – we’ll send you gentle reminders to keep you on track every step of the way!

Stay informed with weekly Progress Reports

Get detailed insights into your website’s performance and your progress. Receive your personalized Progress Report in your mailbox every week, keeping you informed and focused on advancing your website goals. The activity score will give you an instant indication of your current progress. Know that you can also find your Progress Reports in your WordPress backend at all times!

Earn badges and celebrate your progress

With Progress Planner, website management becomes an exciting journey of unlocking achievements and earning badges! Keep up your momentum and add content to earn fantastic badges that showcase your accomplishments. Share your progress on social media, and celebrate your achievements with friends and colleagues!

Let’s get started!

Ready to transform your website management experience? With Progress Planner, you’ll have everything you need to succeed. Get serious about your website maintenance and install Progress Planner today. Good luck!

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